These soprano ukuleles have a body slightly wider than others. The scale length is normal, but the wider body gives them a fuller sound, similar to a concert ukulele.


They can be made with Blackwood or Red Spruce soundboards. The Red Spruce has a mellower sound than the Blackwood.

These instruments are constructed for use and supplied with ball-end strings. They are suited to be tuned A D F# B, or other similar variations, including a low A (different string required).

The current price for ukuleles is AUD$450 which includes a soft case. Occasionally I sell prototype and "cosmetically imperfect" instruments at a reduced price.

For other instruments, variations and prices, please contact me.


Ukulele scale

342 mm


Blackwood or Red Spruce

Back, sides, neck

Fiddleback or ‘Raindrop’ Blackwood


Rosewood or Ebony

Body size

Upper bout 140 mm, lower bout 190 mm, depth 50 mm


Gotoh friction tuners, others available

Width @ 12th fret

46 mm

Width @ nut

33 mm


Shellac undercoat/Nitrocellulose lacquer


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