Tom Chippindall is a luthier specialising in handmade mandolins, other mandolin family instruments and ukuleles. Since 2003 he has been working with luthier Daniel Brauchli in Tasmania.

Tom has been playing mandolin for more than 20 years and had classical lessons from Stephen Morey in Melbourne over a period of 8 years.

He has been playing Celtic music and some bluegrass since 2001, and currently plays mandolin and tenor banjo with Tasmanian based Celtic band Turas. Tom’s instruments are constructed using a combination of modern and traditional materials and construction techniques.


All Tom's instruments are made by hand. They are constructed with a Spanish heel (the back, sides and top are attached directly to the neck - eg. no neck block). Mandolin family instruments are constructed with carbon fibre laminate bracing on the soundboard and back of the instrument.

Great care is taken in selecting materials, and every effort is made to ensure the stability of timber stock. Aliphatic Resin glue is used for all timber joins. Major gluing is done at approx 45% humidity to ensure stability.


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